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Industrial All-in-One PCs for your touch applications

The stylish All-in-One PCs are available with 21.5 ″ and 23.6 ″ touch displays. Equipped with either Intel® Core ™ i3, i5 or i7 processors and up to 32GB of RAM, the all-rounder models support you with plenty of computing power in everyday office life. You can place the All-in-One PCs either on a stand or using a VESA bracket, for example on a wall or a pole. The all-rounders are ideal for touch applications in the office environment. Our models are also often used for access controls and for operating building automation. If necessary, additional displays can be connected via the integrated video interfaces (DisplayPort and HDMI). The multi-display function makes it possible to present a different working environment on the all-in-one PCs than on the additionally connected displays. For example, CAD drawings, work plans, occupancy plans for meeting rooms or advertising videos can be presented via the externally connected displays.

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